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Did you know that a messy network cabinet, comms room or data centre with trailing “spaghetti” cables can be a health and safety risk?

An untidy comms room or data cabinets can also cost in extra time and money when changes are required. It can cause issues during fault finding call-outs, adding to the time it takes to trace cables and possibly resulting in other users being mistakenly disconnected. It can become unreliable, crowded, and difficult to manage for future moves, adds and changes. Not ideal for a business workplace and it may result in increased downtime and lost productivity.


Millrose offers a complete Comms Room Service to maximise the performance of your network. We can untangle many years of network cabling and radically improve your cable management. work can also be conducted outside normal business hours to avoid disruption.

And, if you need to add more devices or grow your network infrastructure, we also offer cabinet installation and relocation.

Contact us to arrange a survey of your data cabinet/comms room and a no-obligation quote.

“We are delighted with the work done on our data cab – it was a complete jungle of different colour cables before and is now organised, colour-coded, neat and tidy. Not only that but the work was done without disrupting a busy call –centre environment. Overall a professional and efficient job”

G. Simmons, Operations Manager, Lifesure Ltd



Our Comms Room Service includes:

Re-organise and re-patch untidy network cabling

Installing new colour-coded patch cables to assist you with managing your own network
Installation of new trunking and cable trays to keep cables together and organised
Professionally label cables and ports with unique ID references
Replacing patch cables with correct length cables to avoid trailing or tangling
Relocation of data cabinets
Performing a full audit of your cabling for your records and make cable management solution suggestions
Installation of a new cabinet as your network grows

Got a project in mind? Please contact us for a site survey and quote.

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Millrose provides fibre and copper data cabling, WiFi, and telecom services across Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Herts and Essex.

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