How to plan for stress-free office IT relocations

How to plan for stress-free office IT relocations

Streamline your office IT relocations with Millrose, ensuring a hassle-free transition to your new premises. Our seasoned professionals orchestrate a smooth move, avoiding disruptions, extended downtimes, and unexpected costs. Discover stress-free office relocations by following these key steps:

  1. Cabling Spring Clean: Use the relocation as an opportunity for a cabling overhaul. Replace old patch leads and power cables, and review and document server and switch connections. A comprehensive site survey creates a spreadsheet detailing all rack equipment connections.

  2. Document and Record: Leverage our structured cabling audit to document existing connections. The comprehensive spreadsheet includes rack names, server locations, network port connections, switch/patch panel identifications, and more. This becomes a working document for future changes.

  3. Configuration Specification: Define cable specifications, such as CAT5, CAT6, or fibre options, and any colour-coding preferences. Millrose calculates cable lengths and quantities, and customers can choose to order cables independently or through us.

  4. Cable Labeling Services: Utilise the final cabling configuration spreadsheet to generate bespoke labels for all cable connections. Each cable end is labelled with essential information, easing identification during installation. Labels are prepared and delivered before relocation.

  5. Efficient Cable Installation: Our Data Engineers efficiently cable the equipment at the final destination, cross-checking against the configuration spreadsheet. This meticulous process ensures correct patching, reducing downtime and optimising business productivity.

  6. Ongoing Cabling Maintenance: Regularly maintain and check structured cabling to uphold network integrity and reliability. Millrose offers annual check-ups, including inspections of RJ45 connections, patch panels, kroned cables, data points, and copper cables. Fibre optic installations undergo thorough readings using advanced testing equipment.

Elevate your office relocations with Millrose—where meticulous planning meets reliable execution. For more information on our structured cabling services, contact us today.

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